the new switches and sockets line, brings now the luxury and palace experience to the hand, combining extraordinary craftsmanship with pure design and rich tones, one of Atelier Luxus trademarks. With its exquisite details, solid precious metal and unrivalled shaping, the quality is expressed in both aesthetic and feel.

Inheriting the language of classical design.

Coming down to the present from Antique architecture, these switches are distinguished by their proportions, characteristic profiles and details.


  • Triple level base

  • Solid brass 4 mm plate (others on request)

  • Handmade patinas & finishes

  • Different sizes available: 84 x 84 mm, 84 x 124 mm, 84 x 155 mm, 84 x 226 mm, 84 x 297 mm, …

  • Vertical or horizontal installation

  • 1 to 6 Push-Buttons per box

  • Customization of switch plates, buttons, levers, mechanisms, engravings and finishings

  • LED indicator in option

  • International standard sockets

Buttons & Levers

Buttons are available in 3 designs (led indicator in option):

  • Small Square Button

  • Large Square Button

  • Small Round Button

Levers are available in 4 designs (led indicator in option):

  • Water Drop

  • Tube

  • Cone

  • Striated Cone

All buttons and levers are manufactured in solid brass and hand-finished in the same patina as the switch or socket plate.