All atmospheres created by architects and interior designers can find their match with an extensive range coatings. Polishing and finishing use traditional craftsmanship which produces a unique sense of quality and perfection.

5 sizes of panel: simple 85 x 85 mm, double 85 x 156 mm, triple 85 x 227 mm, quad 85 x 298 mm, quintuple 85x369 mm. For vertical or horizontal use.

Up to 5 sockets on a single panel and 25 sockets on a quintuple panel.

Sockets & Functions:
• Black or White colored sockets

• Panels available in 15 coatings (more on demand)
• Engraving
• LEDs can be added (12V / 220V)
• Panels can be precisely carved to adopt the socket shape

Available sockets:
• TV, Telephone, Network, HDMI, iPhone sockets
• International Standard sockets
• Cable sockets

Available mechanisms:
• Unipolar switch, Bipolar switch
• Two-way switch
• Reverser
• Touch switch, Push-button, Touch push-button
• Motorized blinds
• Rotary, push-button or touch dimmer
• Thermostat, Sensor
• Orientation lighting
• Shutter
• Hospitality functions (keycards reader, razor socket, etc...)

All LUXONOV sockets can be customised and perfectly matched with switches or a full range of multi-purpose apparels.